Learn about the investigation process of the Arizona Board of Nursing

Arizona Board of Nursing Attorney

Learn about the investigation process of the Arizona Board of NursingArizona Board of Nursing Attorney Robert Chelle has defended the licenses and certificates of hundreds of nurses before the Arizona Board of Nursing:

The extraordinary burdens placed on nurses in current medical facilities lead many nurses to fall victim to unfounded accusations and disciplinary issues.  The nursing community, now more than ever, needs to be aware of the legal representation available to them in these difficult and stressful times. The regulations and administrative procedures that must be followed when presenting a defense to such accusations and allegations require the representation of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney in order to successfully navigate through the complex issues and present the best defense possible. Whether it is the improper administration of a patient’s medication or the failure to document an order, the duties of the nursing profession place nurses in many difficult positions.

Legal representation during this time is vital in order to ensure that you have the best opportunity to keep your license while simultaneously reducing the consequences of the issue at hand. An unfavorable ruling can have long lasting impacts on your professional career. Due to these potential impacts, it is imperative to reach out to a reliable attorney who is dedicated to assisting you in this time of need.

Our Arizona Board of Nursing Attorney takes all necessary steps to avoid or limit discipline from accusations of unprofessional conduct.  Defeating an Arizona Board of Nursing complaint requires a proactive defense from the moment notice of the complaint is received.  Attorney Robert Chelle can provide counsel or representation regarding:

Disputing an Arizona Board of Nursing Complaint

Nurses facing an investigation or complaint may be subject to probation, suspension or revocation of their nursing license.  Additionally, a nurse may have difficulty finding future employment or be terminated form their current position unless the investigation is dealt with proactively.  In order to maintain your professional reputation and keep your name out of the Arizona State Board of Nursing Regulatory Journal, it is important to take action against any complaint.  Once you receive notice of a complaint it is important to seek our Arizona Board of Nursing Attorney as soon as possible to ensure the most accurate and effective response to the complaint.  Allegations that may subject a nurse to discipline include:

  • Criminal convictions
  • Improper record keeping
  • Negligence
  • Physical or sexual abuse of patients
  • Reporting false information
  • Substance abuse

If your nursing license or ability to work is at risk, contact our Arizona Board of Nursing Attorney today!


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Mr. Chelle represented me in my application process with my Registered Nurse License. I feel very confident referring his mitigating abilities. He was able to offer positive direction in obtaining my license. Throughout this four month process he would follow up with any new information and would check in even if there was no new information. The information that he was able to provide during the application process was bar none the best I could have expected. At the end of my process, we were able to get my self complaint removed and have no action taken against my license. I have kept his contact information just in case there is anything else that he may be able to help me with. The greatest aspect of Rob was his honesty!! I would rate his services a 5/5 due to the timeliness, the actions received from the board, and the overall collaborative effort in achieving the best outcome for me. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of any help.

Initially, I had been representing myself with regard to an application for licensure. After spending months trying to resolve the issue with the Board investigator, I decided to retain Mr. Rob Chelle for representation. This was just the best decision I could have made. My case concluded very quickly and with a better than anticipated outcome. The speed at which my case started moving forward was impressive, concluding in less than two months. I will recommend Rob to anyone in need of state board representation. He is professional and seems well respected by the board members. I am confident that the result of my case was directly related to the representation I received from Mr. Chelle.

Mr. Chelle provided prompt and professional representation. Mr. Chelle Has a vast knowledge of the legal aspects of the nursing boards and was able to assist me in a swift and calculated manner. I am very pleased with the end results of mr. Chelle services and highly recommend him for solving any legal matters within the nursing field.

Robert met with me in a timely matter, listened to my situation and help me through a very emotional time. He made sure every step of the process was explained to me and prepared me for the hearing. He also was understanding of my financial situation and worked with me on payments. Overall I am very happy with choosing him to represent me.

“Rob represented me before the Nursing Board on a disciplinary matter and the outcome was much better than I could have imagined. His office staff is very professional and handled all my concerns with dignity and respect.”

“Robert Chelle is one of the most amazing Health Care Attorneys in the state of Arizona. I was having a great amount of legal difficulty with my schooling and he was able to reprimand the situation in less than a week. Thanks to his fantastic legal help I will be able to move on with my dreams in becoming a Registered Nurse. Robert Chelle is not only able to help in cases of professionals currently working in the health care field, but he also takes time out of his busy work schedule to help professionals trying to come into the health care field. There is not any other lawyer in Arizona I would go to if I was having a problem with my license, and I hope that future clients will find the same joy in his great and honest work.”

“Mr. Chelle proved to be exactly who I needed to represent me during my hearing with the Board of Nursing. Initially, I had not planned on hiring an attorney, thinking that I was able to handle my case on my own. The thought of representing myself alone in front of the Board was stressful, so I sought some professional advice. I was told that anytime you are defending your professional license before the governing board, that you should have legal representation. Mr. Chelle was able to present my case clearly and concisely within a few minutes, and won my case for me. He knew what the Board wanted to hear, and how brief he needed to be, in order to win a favorable outcome. Mr. Chelle was well worth what he charged, for representing me honestly and positively. I am forever grateful for his help and support.”

“Mr. Chelle represented me regarding a complaint filed against my R.N. License. He met with me immediately and kept me informed of the process and time it would take to resolve this complaint.He and his office staff were attentive and kept me updated. He accompanied me to my meeting with the State Board of Nursing Investigator and was reassuring of a favorable outcome. The case was dismissed, without prejudice, and closed. Mr. Chelle is truly THE attorney you would want to represent you. Thank you”