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If you were denied benefits or services by the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (“AHCCCS”) or the Arizona Department of Economic Security (“DES”) you have the right to an appeal. Strict deadlines and procedures must be followed in order to mount a successful appeal and Attorney Robert Chelle can guide you through the process.

AHCCCS Eligibility Denial

After an application for AHCCCS health insurance is submitted, AHCCCS or DES will make an eligibility determination, and the application either will be approved or denied. If denied, the applicant can submit a written request for an appeal. Eligibility appeals must be sent in writing to the agency that made the determination (AHCCCS or DES). Appeals involving denials, discontinuances or reductions in medical services must be sent in writing to the AHCCCS Office of Administrative Legal Services.

If the first appeal is denied, the applicant can request a State Fair Hearing where the appeal is presented in front of an Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”) with the Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings. A request for a State Fair Hearing must be filed with the AHCCCS Office of Administrative Legal Services. It is imperative that any applicant with a case before an ALJ be represented by legal counsel. An attorney can guide you through the process and represent your interests in the most positive light before the ALJ.

AHCCCS Appeal Hearings

AHCCCS State Fair Hearings are an informal proceeding. Traditional rules of procedure and evidence are followed; however, the ALJ will allow each party leeway to enter relevant evidence. The Fair Hearing ruling is limited to whether AHCCCS or DES complied with federal and state rules and regulations in denying eligibility.

If the decision to deny eligibility is upheld by the ALJ the applicant’s only recourse is to appeal the decision to an Arizona Superior Court.

AHCCCS Appeals Assistance

Attorney Robert Chelle can assist all AHCCCS applicants who have been denied eligibility. Obtaining legal counsel can sometimes be the difference between receiving benefits or having your application for benefits denied.

If you have been denied AHCCCS benefits or need assistance with an AHCCCS application contact Attorney Robert Chelle by email or by telephone at 602-344-9865.