Arizona Administrative Law Attorney


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The recent growth and expansion of both state and federal regulatory areas has increased the emphasis and importance on having experienced representation before attempting to handle and resolve the many complex and diverse issues arising before the numerous administrative agencies. It is vital that you contact a reliable attorney to assist you with these issues in order to provide yourself with the best opportunity for timely and favorable resolution.

Now more than ever, if you have a dispute with a governmental agency or licensing board, it is imperative that you have legal counsel to protect your rights.  State, federal, county, and city agencies can present a vast array of issues and problems that require expert representation from an experienced and well-versed local attorney.  Administrative law issues often involve a large amount of very specific and unique legal requirements and regulations that make it very hard to navigate towards a successful agreement. Due to these complex burdens and the numerous steps involved throughout the entire process, having access to an experienced attorney can ease the difficulty placed upon you and help you resolve your issue in the most timely manner.

Chelle Law can assist you in negotiating with a variety of local, state and federal agencies to nullify or reduce disciplinary actions taken against you.  His ability to learn the circumstances of your case and navigate through the complex administrative processes and steps makes his representation a necessity in this difficult time.  Our firm can provide counsel or represent you regarding:

  • Appeals
  • Complaints
  • Hearings
  • Investigations
  • License suspension and revocation proceedings
  • Professional licensing disputes

Administrative legal procedures involve complex issues that must be properly dealt with in order to protect the privileges that your professional license affords you. The negative consequences that can possibly arise from an unfavorable ruling from an administrative agency or board are extremely severe. Protection of your rights insures that you are able to continue using your license in the manner in which you so heavily rely. In order to get your issue resolved and your life back to normal, Attorney Robert Chelle is personally dedicated to providing you with experienced and tough representation.

If your license or ability to work is at risk, contact us at 602.344.9865.