Nursing Shortage in Western States Likely to Increase

I read an article about how California is in dire need of nurses and will continue to fall behind national staffing averages in the next few years.  Click Here to read the article.  The article sites the lack of qualified teachers willing to teach nursing classes as a main culprit behind the nursing shortage.  The lack of educators is definitely a contributing factor, however, even in these difficult economic times I believe something deeper exists.

Insufficient staffing levels have further increased the stressful nature of being a nurse.  Increased stress leads to job dissatisfaction and in turn drives many to leave the profession or not enter it in the first place.  Nurses have an incredibly difficult job that at times can test the patience of even the most level headed provider.

There is no coincidence that many nurses are disciplined by their licensing Board for substance abuse issues.  The high stress nature of the job along with clear access to pharmaceuticals leads to countless substance abuse problems.

The nursing shortage is obviously a vicious cycle.  Low staffing levels lead to higher stressed nurses that leave the profession and create more staffing shortages.  There is no clear solution, but the demand for nurses is only going to increase as the population continues to age.

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