Change to Arizona Nursing Board Online Verification Policy

Arizona Board of Nursing Online VerificationThe Arizona Board of Nursing (“Board“) has recently instituted a new policy regarding what information is displayed on the Board Website’s Online Verification.  The new policy holds that the Online Verification will no longer display “Complain/Self-Report” or “Under Investigation” next to a nurses name until after the Board has heard the nurse’s case at a Board Meeting.

Previously, as soon as a complaint or self-report was submitted to the Board the website would immediately update to show that the nurse was under investigation by displaying “Complaint/Self-Report”  next to a nurse’s name.  This practice made it difficult for a nurse to obtain new employment due to the uncertainty of the Board investigation.  The nurse would be forced to explain the situation to potential employers, and very few health care facilities in Arizona are willing to employ a nurse under investigation.  Even if the nurse was completely innocent of the allegations contained in the Complaint; it still proved difficult to find new employment.

The new policy provides the nurse with the benefit of the doubt until the investigation has gone before the Board for an initial decision regarding whether disciplinary action will be levied against the nurse or not.

Although this is a positive development for the nurses of Arizona it is important that all employment applications submitted to potential employers contain accurate information!  If you were terminated from a position do not state that you left on your own accord.  The Board does not look favorably upon individuals that are untruthful on employment applications!

If you have any questions regarding the new Arizona Board of Nursing Online Verification policy please contact Attorney Robert Chelle.