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Arizona Board of Physical Therapy Continuing Education Waiver

Image by Sean Lamb

The Arizona Board of Physical Therapy (“Board”) requires that in order to renew a physical therapist (“licensee”) license the licensee must complete 20 contact hours of continuing competence during each 2 year licensure period.  The Board holds that the licensure period initiates on September 1 of even-numbered years and finishes on August 31st of the following even-numbered year.

A licensee who fails to complete 20 hours of continuing education units within the specified period is subject to discipline and penalties.  However, the Board shall give the licensee 6 months to satisfy the continuing competence requirements.


The Board may grant a waiver of continuing education is the licensee submits a written request to the Board.  The letter must clearly state the reasons for the waiver request.  Additionally, the licensee must submit any additional documentation or information that Board deems necessary to make a determination.

The Board may grant a waiver of continuing competence for issues of extreme hardship, such as, active military service, disability, illness or other unusual situations.

If you have a question about continuing education requirements for the Arizona Board of Physical Therapy contact Attorney Robert Chelle.