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Arizona Board of Dental Examiners Complaint – Investigation

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The Arizona Board of Dental Examiners (“Board”)  oversee all investigations and complaints regarding dentists, dental hygienists or denturists licensed or certified to practice in Arizona.  The Board has issued guidelines into the complaint review process.  An investigation by the Board is initiated when; 1) a complaint is filed, 2) voluntary reporting, 3) or when other organizations are required by law to report a possible violation to the Board.  The Board’s Complaint Review Process lists three distinct stages of the complaint process.  The stages are as follows:

1.       Filing a Complaint
2.      Investigation
3.       Board Meeting

This post will examine the second stage of the complaint process; investigation.  A general time-line for the investigation stage is as follows:

1.       If the original complaint is substantiated by the Investigative Team the complaint will receive a formal investigation.
2.       The Chief Investigator will then evaluate all of the relevant information contained in the file.
3.       Once the information has been processed the Chief Investigator will make one of 4 recommendations:

  • Dismissal of the complaint due to insufficient evidence.
  • Non-disciplinary action
  • Refer to the Executive Director for dismissal
  • Schedule an Investigative Interview

4.       An Investigative Interview is an informal administrative hearing held at the Board’s office.
5.       Both parties are able to testify under oath to a panel of Board approved investigators.
6.       The Panel will weigh the evidence from both parties and forward a recommendation to the Board.

It is important for any dental professional with a complaint pending against them to contact an attorney prior to responding to the Board or testifying in front of a Panel.  An attorney can help to craft a well-reasoned defense that may mitigate possible action from the Board.  The next step in an Arizona Board of Dental Examiners complaint review process is a Board Meeting.

If you have any questions about an Arizona Board of Dental Examiners complaint contact Attorney Robert Chelle.