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Arizona Board of Dental Examiners Complaint – Board Meeting

Image by Bryan Bruchman

The Arizona Board of Dental Examiners (“Board”) oversee all investigations and complaints regarding dentists, dental hygienists or denturists licensed or certified to practice in Arizona. The Board has issued guidelines into the complaint review process. An investigation by the Board is initiated when; 1) a complaint is filed, 2) voluntary reporting, 3) or when other organizations are required by law to report a possible violation to the Board. The Board’s Complaint Review Process lists three distinct stages of the complaint process. The stages are as follows:

1. Filing a Complaint
2. Investigation
3. Board Meeting

This post will examine the last stage of the complaint process; Board Meeting. A general time-line for the board meeting stage is as follows:

1. Once the case is forwarded to the Board a hearing is set and the Board will notify the dental professional of the date and time.
2. Board members review all cases and recommendations prior to the hearing.
3. At the hearing the dental professional will have up to 5 minutes to address the Board.
4. The dental professional may be represented by counsel at this hearing.
5. If an Investigative Interview was conducted prior to the hearing the Board will vote on the complaint’s factual findings, legal conclusions and recommendations from the panel.
6. After the Board has made decision the dental professional will receive a report detailing the Board action.

It is important for the dental professional to contact an attorney prior to the hearing. An attorney can help prepare a reasoned response to the Board.

If you have any questions about an Arizona Board of Dental Examiners complaint contact Attorney Robert Chelle.