Arizona Drug Manufacturer/Repackager Attorney

FACILITY NAME:Drug Manufacturer/Repackager
LICENSING BOARD:Arizona Board of Pharmacy
ADDRESS:1700 W. Washington Street, Suite 250
Phoenix, AZ 85007
PHONE:(602) 771-2727

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF FACILITY:  A Drug Manufacturer/Repackager is licensed to engage in the production, preparation, propagation or processing of a drug or device, either directly or indirectly, by extraction from substances of natural origin or independently by means of chemical synthesis and includes any packaging or repackaging of substances or labeling or relabeling of its container and the promotion and marketing of the same. Drug or device manufacturing does not include compounding.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF LICENSING BOARD:The Arizona Board of Pharmacy regulates those engaged in the practice of pharmacy and the distribution, sale and storage of prescription medications and devices and non-prescription medications in Arizona.  The Board governs the issuance of licenses, registrations and certificates for individuals. The Board initiates investigations into complaints and self-reports concerning a nurse’s possible non-compliance with the law, and determines and administers disciplinary actions if it is determined that Arizona law has been violated.

Legal services offered for Drug Manufacturer/Repackagers include:

  • Licensing Board Defense:  If you are a Drug Manufacturer/Repackager with a pending issue before the Arizona Board of Pharmacy; Robert Chelle Law can aggressively and effectively defend your facility’s license.
  • Complaint Response:  A complaint filed against your facility may subject your facility’s license to suspension or revocation.  Once your facility receives notice of a complaint from the Arizona Board of Pharmacy it is important to call Attorney Robert Chelle, as soon as possible, to ensure an accurate and effective defense of your facility’s license.
  • Application and Forms Review:  An application for a facility license that includes errors or omits necessary information can lead to unnecessary delays or the denial of your application.  An attorney review of your application can give you the best chance to receive your license in a timely manner.
  • Contract Evaluation:  We can review your contracts and identify potential legal problems regarding the terms and conditions, protecting your exposure to liability.

If you need legal assistance with an Arizona Board of Pharmacy issue contact Attorney Robert Chelle by email or by telephone at 602-344-9865.

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