Arizona Chiropractor Attorney

LICENSING BOARD:Arizona Board of Chiropractic Examiners
ADDRESS:5060 N. 19th Ave, Suite 416
Phoenix, AZ, 85015

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PROFESSION:  Chiropractors, also known as doctors of chiropractic, diagnose and treat patients with health problems of the musculoskeletal system and treat the effects of those problems on the nervous system.  Many chiropractic treatments deal specifically with the spine and the manipulation of the spine.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF LICENSING BOARD:The Arizona Board of Chiropractic Examiners enforces the laws regarding the practice of chiropractic in Arizona.  The Board governs the issuance of licenses, registrations and certificates for individuals. The Board initiates investigations into complaints and self-reports concerning a chiropractor’s possible non-compliance with the law, and determines and administers disciplinary actions if it is determined that Arizona law has been violated.

Arizona Chiropractor AttorneyLegal Services offered by our Arizona Chiropractor Attorney include:

  • Licensing Board Defense:  If you are a Chiropractor with a pending issue before the Arizona Board of Chiropractic Examiners; we can aggressively and effectively defend your license.
  • Complaint/Investigation Response:  A complaint filed against you may subject your license to an investigation that results in probation, suspension or revocation.  Once you receive notice of a complaint or investigation from the Arizona Board of Chiropractic Examiners it is important to call us, as soon as possible, to ensure an accurate and effective defense of your license.
  • Criminal Reporting Requirements:  All licensed health care professionals in Arizona must report nearly any criminal charge to their licensing board within 10 days.  If you have been charged with a crime we can assist you in reporting the charges to your licensing board.
  • Self-report Assistance:  If your employer has advised you to self-report an issue, we can help you draft a thorough self-report.
  • Application and Forms Review:  An application for a professional license that includes errors or omits necessary information can lead to unnecessary delays or the denial of your application.  An attorney review of your application can give you the best chance to receive your license in a timely manner.
  • Employment Contract Review:  We can review your proposed contract and identify potential legal problems regarding the included terms and conditions.

General Complaint/Investigation Timeline:

  1. Complaint is filed/Investigation is initiated
  2. Notice of Investigation is sent to the licensee
  3. A detailed response is due to the Board within 14 to 30 days
  4. An interview is held with a Board investigator
  5. The Board reviews the investigation at a Board Meeting
  6. The Board determines if discipline is merited
  7. Discipline is given or the case is dismissed
  8. The licensee may appeal

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