Phoenix Health Care Attorney


Phoenix Health Care Attorney Robert Chelle provides legal counsel to individuals and health care providers in need of legal representation.  Mr. Chelle has the experience to provide responsive, quality legal services to meet the complex issues of clients in need.

PROFESSIONAL LICENSE DEFENSE: Mr. Chelle represents professionals who have had their license threatened with a complaint, investigation, revocation, suspension or other administrative action. If you are under investigation or have been contacted by a licensing board it is imperative that you have legal representation to preserve your rights.  Legal counsel can be provided in regards to applications, complaints, investigations, self-reports and substance abuse diversion programs.

HEALTH CARE: Attorney Robert Chelle has a unique understanding of the complex legal challenges facing health care providers.  Health care providers regularly change positions to pursue new opportunities, but these new opportunities can present difficult challenges.  Mr. Chelle can provide assistance with disputes between practices.  Legal counsel can be provided for:

  • Practice Formation
  • Disputing Non-Competes
  • Business Disputes
  • Entity Formation

PHYSICIAN CONTRACT REVIEW: Health care provider contracts are complicated documents that must cover a wide range of complex issues.  A portion of his practice is dedicated to drafting and reviewing contract matters, including physician employment agreements, physician assistant contracts, physician recruitment agreements, in addition to, other contracts and agreements entered into between health care providers and professionals.  It is prudent that any health care provider has a new employment agreement reviewed before it is executed.  Guidance for contracts provisions include:

  • Termination Provisions
  • Professional Liability Coverage
  • Compensation and Production Bonuses (RVU)
  • Restrictive Covenants and Non-Competes